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Turnkey Online Stores for Your Retailers of Any Size

As a dropshipping wholesaler, you understand that your individual retailers have different needs and a "one size fits all approach" doesn't work in helping them be successful. Retailers of different sizes and physical locations can impact many important factors such as pricing and product assortments. While your larger retailers may be thriving both in their physical locations as well as online, your smaller retailers have probably never had access to online sales.

With the Cobai Online Sales Platform, we open the door to online sales and let your retailers focus on selling without the common headaches and obstacles.View Cobai Online Sales Platform Infosheet.

A Partnership that Drives Online Revenue

Cobai partners with leading wholesalers and to help make online sales accessible to their retailers regardless of their size. Through this partnership, you can offer your retailers Cobai Online Sales Platform licenses at an affordable cost while taking removing the typical barriers of data management and implementation resources. With this powerful platform, wholesalers are able to empower even their smallest retailers to drive online revenue with easy to use, turnkey online stores. Give all your customers access to having an online presence and see a huge impact on your bottom line.View Cobai Partnership Infosheet.

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Drive more online demand with centralized marketing

With the Cobai Online Sales Platform, you can centrally control marketing campaigns and other special offers for your retailers' online stores. Featured products or other targeted sales and promotional activities can be controlled by you making it easy for your customers to manage their online stores. These kind of centrally managed marketing promotions give even your smaller retailers the benefit of better advertising and promotions to help generate interest and drive more revenue through their online stores.

Customized Banner Ads

Easily advertise groups of items on the homepage of your retailers' stores with a continuous banner ad that highlights the products you want to feature.

Featured Products & Special Offers

Highlighted products and special offers can be centrally managed by you and displayed in all your retailers' stores.

Promote Your White Label Products

Wholesalers have the ability to spotlight their own white label products within the online stores of their retailers.

Product Automation Across All Your Stores

With Cobai, your product data is centrally stored and is instantly available in all your retailers' online stores. Any changes to product data are instantly visible across all stores. Product data, images and stock levels are automatically processed directly from your ERP system ensuring that you and your retailers always have the same view across all your data.

Product updates from your central ERP system

Product data and images are automatically updated from your ERP or Master Data Management (MDM) system ensuring your retailers' online stores are always up to date.

Easy and automated updates

Easily update your data automatically at designated times. If needed, you can also initiate an update at any time and instantly publish urgent changes.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Join other leading global manufacturers and wholesalers and let Cobai drive online revenue for your retailers!

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Retailers drive online revenue with Cobai
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Pricing Automation Across All Your Stores

Current purchase and recommended retail prices can also be transferred automatically. However, you still have the flexibility to provide prices individually per store down to the item and buyer level.

Multiple Price List Management
Easily manage multiple prices lists across your customer base. Also manage retailer purchase prices and recommended buyer prices which are then automatically transferred from your ERP system and made available in all retailer online stores.

Our Customers Say It Best

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Pricing with Confidence & Flexibility

With the Cobai Online Sales Platform, you can always be confident that you have the right pricing for the products you are offering to your retailers. You have the flexibility to determine prices all the way down to the individual store level. We can also help you automate the many factors that go into your pricing strategy.

Flexible Pricing Models
  • Tiered pricing
  • Unlimited price lists
  • Special pricing for specific customers
  • Markup pricing
  • Special discounts on the retail price
Fully Configurable Pricing

Customize your online store to accomodate even highly specialized or complex pricing (Ex - Prices that are dependent on advertising media you may be using as a manufacturer.)

Customize Your Product Assortments for Every Retailer

Your retailers can differ greatly. They might be from different business areas or industries. In other cases, certain parts of your product line can only be ordered by specific retailers. Cobai can provide your centralized product data at the online store level in sub-ranges - even for specific groups of retailers. The product allocation can be easily changed at any time with no waiting times and you can determine which product SKUs a retailer can sell in their store. In addition, retailers can also add their own products to their store if you choose to let them to do so.

Customized Product Assortments at the Online Store Level

Configure individual assortments for specific retailers or groups of retailers from your overall product range.

Additional Catalogs or Individual Products

In addition to the centrally maintained SKUs, retailers can offer their own products in their stores if you choose to give them this option.

Customized Online Stores for Your Retailers

Depending on the product assortment, business area or customer group, you can customize which features each online store should have. You can build your retailers' online stores with a large range of functionality based on their individual needs and requirements.

Individual Store Features for Retailer Groups

Create individual online stores for single merchants or groups of merchants.

Custom Layouts

Customize store layouts with your own corporate identity and branding. (Layouts per merchant group or individual layout per store.)

White Label Option

Our solution can be "white labeled" if needed and featured without Cobai branding within the product interface.

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