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As a dropshipping manufacturer or wholesaler, your retailers can be as different as the product lines you sell. Some of your larger retailers' sales may be thriving both in their brick and mortar locations as well as online. But when it comes to your smaller customers, having the resources and data to manage online sales is often out of reach. The Cobai Online Sales Platform lets manufacturers or wholesalers empower even their smallest retailers to drive online revenue with easy to use, turnkey yet powerful online stores. Give all your customers access to having an online presence and see a huge impact on your bottom line.View Cobai Online Sales Platform Infosheet.

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Removing the traditional online sales barriers

As a manufacturer or wholesaler, the products you sell can be very diverse. A typical online store can have hundreds if not thousands of SKUs for sell. The upkeep of maintaining product information such as product images and ever changing prices can be extremely difficult to manage even for larger customers. For a smaller retailer, the amount of work required to manage this amount of data is almost impossible due to the time required and lack of resources.

With other online store solutions on the market, the enormous upfront license and implementation costs required even to get started are often cost prohibitive. Not to mention the costs of on-going data management and possible additional programming. Cobai removes all of these common barriers with its turnkey online stores that give all of your customers access to profitable online channels.

Affordable Upfront Costs
Cobai offers very competitive pricing compared to other larger online store solutions on the market. Our affordable license and implementation costs make selling online accessible to all of your customers regardless of their size.
Easy Data Management
Cobai offers easy, streamlined data management that is completely automated giving you the confidence that your product assortment, pricing and other important information is always up to date.
No Additional Programming Resources
With the Cobai Online Sales Platform there is no need to hire additional programming resources to customize stories. There is a built-in rich feature set to customize every aspect of your online stores.
Easy Roll-Outs
The Cobai Team gives you access to all the resources you will need to have quick and successful implementations with your retailers.

You're in the driver's seat

Cobai understands that it is you who best understands the needs of your customers. When partnering with us, you are in the driver's seat at every step of the process.

Simple Partnership Agreement

When working with Cobai, we only require a basic agreement upfront to get started. We simply ask that you agree to give us access to all the current data so that all your customers' online stores will remain up to date. In addition, we also ask that you allow Cobai to be your exclusive online store partner. That's it! You get to decide which of your customers you want to offer the Cobai Online Sales Platform and the timing of their roll-outs.

No Reselling Commitments

You decide which of your retailers are the best fit for the Cobai solution. When you are ready, the Cobai Team is here to support you and your customers in all phases of the rollout and implementation.

Resell Pricing Flexibility

In our partnership agreement, we agree upfront to a fixed price per license. You can then resell licenses to your customers at whatever price point you choose.
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Our Customers Say It Best

Learn how other leading manufacturers and wholesalers are using Cobai to empower their retailers to drive online revenue.

Drive more online demand with centralized marketing

With the Cobai Online Sales Platform, you can centrally control marketing campaigns and other special offers for your retailers' online stores. Featured products or other targeted sales and promotional activities can be controlled by you making it easy for your customers to manage their online stores. These kind of centrally managed marketing promotions give even your smaller retailers the benefit of better advertising and promotions to help generate interest and drive more revenue through their online stores.

Customized Banner Ads

Easily advertise groups of items on the homepage of your retailers' stores with a continuous banner ad that highlights the products you want to feature.

Featured Products & Special Offers

Highlighted products and special offers can be centrally managed by you and displayed in all your retailers' stores.

Promote Your White Label Products

Wholesalers have the ability to spotlight their own white label products within the online stores of their retailers.

Stuck with an Outdated Online Solution?

Like many other manufacturers or wholesalers, your retailers might be stuck using an outdated or homegrown online store solution that no longer fits your needs. The complexity of migrating to a new solution might seem overwhelming. With Cobai, replacing a legacy online solution is easy! We take care of everything from your customization requirements to all of the data migration. Let us help you tap into a modern online store solution that meets your current needs and will accommodate your future growth.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Join other leading global manufacturers and wholesalers and let Cobai drive online revenue for your retailers!

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Customize Your Interactions with Key Direct Sale Clients

Give your major direct sale clients the special attention they deserve with private online stores built just for them while avoiding perceived competition with your retailers. These "VIP stores" are centrally managed by you so that everything is always up-to-date and your key accounts are happy.

Invite-Only Online Stores for Key Direct Sale Clients

Open an invite-only online store for key direct sale clients and give them the VIP attention they deserve while not being perceived as a competitor to your retailers. These customized stores provide them with both a convenient and discreet online experience.

Specialized Product Offerings & Pricing

Offer your top direct sale clients specialized product offerings and exclusive pricing.

Market & Sell Internationally

The world is waiting! Open up new international markets for your products with the Cobai Online Sales Platform. The Cobai interface is already available in many common languages so finding retailers and expanding your customer base in other countries is easy. Not only can Cobai deploy a store in almost any desired language, but we also accomodate country-specific requirements.

Multi-Language Capability
Both the storefront and the administration areas are already available in many common languages and can be further customized into other languages if needed.
Country Specific Requirements
Online stores can be customized to meet the needs for different legal and tax requirements.

A History of Empowering Retailers

We have been helping manufactures & wholesalers empower their retailers to sell online for over 20 years. With over 60 partners and almost 1,000 retailers using the Cobai Online Sales Platform, we have the experience to help you through the entire rollout process with your customers.